Christmas exhibition at the Amager Museum

At Christmas Amager Museum invites you in the warmth, where you can experience the cozy Christmas from the old days. The old living rooms always exude comfort and nostalgia. The Christmas exhibition sheds a look back on some of the old Christmas traditions that are still in use, but there will also be reunion with forgotten Christmas traditions. In the old museum courtyard, the old living rooms are beautifully decorated for Christmas, as it has seen from the 1700 century until the 1950s. Look inside the 1700-century Christmas festivities, where there was plenty of food on the table and where you enjoyed yourself with the Christmas games. In the title of Jansen, the theme is “Peters Jul”. Here the goose Roast is ready on the table, and on the floor is the beautiful Christmas tree decorated with edible decorations. For The children there is nisse hunting. Come and help Nissen find his clothes. Start Date: 27. November 2018 End Date: 2. December 2018 Time: 12:00-16:00 Admission: 40 kr. Children have free access.

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