Dragør Havnefest 2019

Dragør Havnefest 2019

The success of last year is repeated this summer when, on the weekend of Friday 9. To Sunday, 11. August again being held harbour party at Dragør Havn Read more here: www.dragoerhavnefest.dk

The day of the Lodsen

"Explore the exciting world of the prize." A free arrangement for the whole family then there is again a good reason to visit Dragør Havn and the Danish pilot Museum. Saturday, 27. In July, the volunteers from the Danish Pilot Museum return to the square in front of the museum to share the world of the pilots before and now. The event is for all curious children and adults who want to know more about life at sea and life as a pilot. And there is enough to experience this summer Saturday. With a nice seafader book, children can become "full-fledged" sailor, by participating in the many exciting activities: You can lift an anchor, find the gebis of the ticket, go on a treasure hunt, navigate a ship on a port model, link knots, make your own ticket model, get a Sailor's tattoo, learn to Morse, hoist flags on the old ice boat of the pilots, make a pilot flag, throw a line, watch movies about the work of the Lodsen, take a "boat trip" with the simulator, and much more. Fill in your shipping book and maybe you're lucky and win a prize. There is also the possibility for adults to hear about the work of the pilots and the many ships passing through the sound and about how difficult a waterway is to sail. The pilots have saved many ships from the shipwreck over the years, and the pilots ' volunteers are good for a story or two about sailing on the strait. As something new, this year you can see how far the volunteers have come with the restoration work on the old Lodsboat Ravnen from 1880. On the day there is free access to the museum, which is Denmark's oldest pilotage station, which stands as when the pilots celebrated the 300 anniversary in 1984. At the museum you can see the exhibition "The everyday life of the pilots" about the work of the weights around the 1980s and the completely modern solder still working from Dragør Havn. We look forward to welcoming many happy families at the Danish Pilot Museum, which is part of the state-recognized Amager Museum. "The day of Lodsen" at Dragør Harbour on Saturday 27. July 2019 KL. 11-16 Amager Land Hunting horns blowers play fanfare from the pilot tower at noon. 12:00 Accordion Music by Bente Thers from KL. 13:00 Lodsen's Day is sponsored by Lions Club, Laura Ella and Dragør Is.

Copenhagen Car & Boat Show 2019

COPENHAGEN CAR & BOAT SHOW held in collaboration with Copenhagen Poker run have you ever wondered how 60,000 horsepower sounds? More than 60 powerboats are expected to participate along with show cars from all over Scandinavia. The trophy is awarded to the Best Cars in show. At. 12.00 Doors open (Entrance fee 20kr per Adult children under 13 years free entrance) at. 16.00 Powerboats arrives at Dragør Fort, KL. 17.00 Speed test in 4 boat classes at. 19.00 Thank you for today Copenhagen Poker Run is an event where participants use their powerboats to collect playing cards at different locations in the sound. The boat with the best poker hand wins. All Powerboats arrive at Dragør Fort in the afternoon, where many activities take place for the audience. Actionboats comes with a ribboat and it will be possible and buy a trip for a small amount. Free parking for the area around Dragør Fort. Date: Saturday, 6. July Place: Dragør Fort Prins Knuds Dam 1 2791 Dragør See more at www.powerboats.dk/copenhagen-car-boat-show/

Öresundsmarked Market 21-22-23 June 2019

At weekends 21-22-23/6, the port is again transformed into the öresundsmarket. Lots of new stands, delicious Street Food and festive live music… !  

Navy Day at Dragør Fort

Constitution Day, 5. June 2019, there is Navy Day at Dragør Fort

A tradition from the time of the fort was military territory and only opened this one day a year has continued and attracts a great many people. Here is everything that can excite big and small. Huge rescue vehicles from the airport, fire trucks from the Dragør fire brigade and beautiful police cars and motorbikes from the Copenhagen police. There is the possibility of coming in a smoke chamber and Mege Duck.  It is also often managed to get a rescue helicopter to give a display in a rescue operation in front of the fort, and afterwards land on the pasture in front of the fort. In recent years, Lions have done something extra for the children. There has been an overall package of experiences for children, where they both come on treasure hunt, pulling in the Tomball, where there are many good prizes for the children, the cream-throwing will of course also be there and of course there is also an ice cream included. For adults, the large tent and barbecue, pancakes and coffee can be bought right by the fleet, where there is also a bar. Source: https://dragoer.lions.dk/navy_day_paa_fortet

The Öresundsmarket is opening its doors to a new season at Dragør Havneplads.

The Öresundsmarket, formerly known as Dragør Food Market, is opening its doors for a new season at Dragør Havneplads. Öresunds's Market holds opening party at the Port 01-02 June.

Opening hours are 11-21 both on Saturday and Sunday. FLEA MARKET AT THE PORT FOR THE ÖRESUNDSMARKET OPENING WEEKEND. The program is Street Food in the special class, wine/bar. Lounge Dj'S and cosiness.

Easter in Dragør

Amager Museum's flower Field – 14,000 flowering Narcissus

Discover Amager Museum's beautiful, Dutch-inspired flower field when the museum opens for Easter. The field is in line with local history, which originates from the Dutch immigrants who came to great Magleby around the year 1521. The field is filled with 14,000 narcissus spread over 12 different varieties. The Narcissen is also known as the daffodil, but there are many different varieties, and it is possible to see it. See more at www.museumamager.dk

Shrovetide in Dragør and Store Magleby

In Dragør and the great Magleby, you stick to the old Shrove traditions and rituals. Both Sunday and Monday the riders gather in the mornings and rides with a flag and music cart at the forefront throughout the day at visiting the city. Sunday 3 September March 2019 p.m. 16 There is a barrel of the horse in Dragør. Find it on Google Maps Monday, 4. March 2019 p.m. 16 There is a barrel of barrels for horses in great Magleby. Find it on Google Maps Here is the punch list for the fixed-breed Sunday on August 3. March 2019:

09.30 Elisenborg DFF Engvej 2
10.00 Emilie + Claus & Theresa Hollodervej 20
10.20 Peter & Neel + Per & Lone + Liselotte Holst Ndr. Strandvej 22
10.40 the Marchen & Svend + Pia & Jan Jægervej 3
10.50 Bank Nordik Dragør Corner
10.55 Anja Andersen + Theis Bernitt-D Stationsvej 7
11.15 Theis & Birgit + Nauja & Flemming Stations Vænget 19
11.30 Dragør strandjagtsforening Port
11.40 Mick Feldt & Cafe Espersen
11.50 Freja Kristiansen (The One) West Grønningen 34
12.00 Dorthe & Anna Grønnevej 1
12.05 Fire Station Nyby 4
12.10 Betina & Mikael West Grønningen 15
12.15 Dragør Bistro F R O K o S T The Kongevejen 2
13.00 Enggården Strandjægervej 3
13.15 Anne & Carsten + Lisbeth & Martin Strandjægervej 79
13.25 Ole & Sanne + Christian & Pernille + Nanna & Rasmus Strandjægervej 114
Mie + Caroline & Mads Strandjægervej 114
13.40 the Lisbeth + Ditte + Dan & Vibeke Gunpowder Tårnsvej 23
13.50 Sydstrands Centre Gunpowder Tårnsvej 8
14.00 the Rødtjørnens Resident Association Rødtjørnen 12
14.10 The Fam. Jensen meny Gunpowder Tårnsvej 171
14.20 The Nanna + Marlene + Stephanie Gunpowder Tårnsvej 105
14.30 the Fasanpub Engvej 66
14.35 Maja + Kristina & Kim Engvej 61
14.45 the Alberte + Trine Engvej 37
15.00 Henrik & Helle + Stephanie + Sanne & Anders Nørregade 15
15.10 Cythia & Peter Kongevejen 14 A
15.20 The Strandhotel K A F F E Port
16:00 Barrel Engvej
Barrel King/Queen Elisenborg Engvej 2
Claus & Annika Kaj Lippmanns All 15
Christina & Christian + Caroline Buur & Asbjørn Jægervej 30
Ane & Ole + Lisbeth & Bo + theis & leise Wiedersvej 3
Birthe & Per Kongevejen 14 A
Over Dragor Strand Hotel Port

Christmas exhibition at the Amager Museum

At Christmas Amager Museum invites you in the warmth, where you can experience the cozy Christmas from the old days. The old living rooms always exude comfort and nostalgia. The Christmas exhibition sheds a look back on some of the old Christmas traditions that are still in use, but there will also be reunion with forgotten Christmas traditions. In the old museum courtyard, the old living rooms are beautifully decorated for Christmas, as it has seen from the 1700 century until the 1950s. Look inside the 1700-century Christmas festivities, where there was plenty of food on the table and where you enjoyed yourself with the Christmas games. In the title of Jansen, the theme is “Peters Jul”. Here the goose Roast is ready on the table, and on the floor is the beautiful Christmas tree decorated with edible decorations. For The children there is nisse hunting. Come and help Nissen find his clothes. Start Date: 27. November 2018 End Date: 2. December 2018 Time: 12:00-16:00 Admission: 40 kr. Children have free access.

Christmas Markets on Amager

We are familiar with the following Christmas markets on Amager in 2018: Norwegian Christmas Market-30-11-2018 to 02-12-2018 by Coin 9, 2300 Copenhagen S the Norwegian Sjømannskirke King Haakons Church is a cultural, sosialt and ecclesiastical møtested with a large social work for all Generasjoner. Opening hours: Friday 14-18. Saturday 11-16. Sunday 12-16 entrance fee: Free Christmas Bazaar-01-12-2018 Engvej 139, 2300 Copenhagen S Steiner Skolen cph Opening hours: 10-16 entrance fee: Free Christmas Christmas Market in Dragør-24-11-2018 to 23-12-2018 Badstuevælen, 2791 Dragør every year in the month of December, , Dragør turns into a real Christmas tale for children and adults. Here you can experience Denmark's cosiest Christmas market and go on a treasure hunt in the city's small streets and alleys. Christmas in Dragør comes from the DRs advent Calendar "Time travel", where the Christmas market played a major role in Julekalenderen. A lot is being done to maintain the authentic atmosphere from the time travel, therefore you will see that it is the same 13 original stalls that appeared in the Julekalenderen. Open from 12:00-17:00 on weekends 24. Nov-25. Nov 1. Dec-2. Dec 8. Dec-9. Dec 15. Dec-16. Dec 22. Dec-23. DEC Admission: Free Christmas Market at Amager Museum-24-11-2018 to 25-11-2018 Hovedgaden 4, 2791 Dragør came to the atmospheric Christmas market at the Amager Museum. The North farm is filled with Christmas items, gnomes, gift ideas, Christmas cakes, confections, homemade jam etc. The café sells warm fritters and warm glögg. In the old museum courtyard you are invited to the warmth, where you can experience the cozy Christmas from the old days. Each room tells a special story about Christmas. If you are not in the Christmas spirit, you are sure to come. For The children there is nisssesporjagt. Come and help Nissen find his clothes. Time: 12:00 – 16:00 Admission: 40 kr. Children have free access. Do you know other Christmas markets on Amager, please send us information about this to info@visitamager.dk